"only 'Liza gets cranky sometimes, you know." "

Gollier houseman at itter.nl
Wed Aug 26 05:25:39 PDT 2009

Opening the sheet. "Now, boys, remember, if you laugh the least bit,
I'll stop. And, oh, auntie, I forgot to say that the boys wrote some of
the atoms." "Atoms?" repeated Auntie Jean, puzzled. "_Atoms!_ Miss
Scricket, oh, ho!" called Archie; then, recollecting himself just in
time, he clapped his hands over his mouth. "That's what you said they
were, I thought," said Cricket, anxiously. "Don't you know, auntie,
those little things that come between the stories, and all that? General
atoms. I have written it down." "Items, dear," sa
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