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Mained for a young girl who had learned city ways to twist Jethro around
her finger; that she had made him abandon his fight with Isaac D.
Worthington because Mr. Worthington had a son--but there is no use
writing such scandal. Stripped of his power--even though he stripped
himself--Jethro began to lose their respect, a trait tending to prove
that the human race may have had wolves for ancestors as well as apes.
People had small opportunity, however, of showing a lack of respect to
his person, for in these days he noticed no one and spoke to none. When
the lion is crippled, the jackals begin to range. A jackal reconnoitered
the lair to see how badly the lion was crippled, and conceived with
astounding insolence the plan of capturing the lion's quarry. This
jackal, who was an old one, well knew how to round up a quarry, and fled
back over the hills to consult with a bigger jackal, his master. As a
result, two days before March town-meeting day, Mr. Bijah Bixby paid a
visit to the Harwich bank and went among certain Coniston farmers
looking over the sheep, his clothes bulging out in places when he began,
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