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Orous smoke. Mrs. Almayer's back was bent, and her head and shoulders
hidden in the deep box. Her hands rummaged in the interior, where a soft
clink as of silver money could be heard. She did not notice at first her
daughter's approach, and Nina, standing silently by her, looked down on
many little canvas bags ranged in the bottom of the chest, wherefrom her
mother extracted handfuls of shining guilders and Mexican dollars,
letting them stream slowly back again through her claw-like fingers. The
music of tinkling silver seemed to delight her, and her eyes sparkled
with the reflected gleam of freshly- minted coins. She was muttering to
herself: "And this, and this, and yet this! Soon he will give more--as
much more as I ask. He is a great Rajah--a Son of Heaven! And she will
be a Ranee--he 
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