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Ing him down. I wasn't going to stand by and see him do that, was I?"
"Well, I s'pose not," said the captain, who looked puzzled. "Where is
the black fellow? Here, where's Jimmy?" "Down that square hole there,
that wooden well-place," said Jack, pointing to the forecastle hatch.
"He slipped down there when the yaller chap hit him." "Look here--" said
the captain as I made for the hatch to look after Jimmy. "But stop a
minute, let's have the black up." Two of the men went below and dragged
up poor Jimmy, who was quite stunned, and bleeding freely from a wound
on the head. "Well, that's some proof of what you say, my fine fellow,"
continued the captain, as the doctor knelt down to examine poor Jimmy's
head and I fetched some water to bathe his face. "What did you do next?"
"Next? Let me see," drawled Jack Penny; "what did I do next? Oh! I know.
That chap was running away with the ship, and I took hold of that wheel
thing and turned her round, so as to come back to you when you kept
waving your cap." "Hah! yes. Well, what then?" "Oh, the thing wanted
oiling or greasing; it wouldn't go properly. It got stuck fast, and the
ship wouldn't move; and then the storm came. I wish you wouldn't bother
so." "Well, I _am_ blessed," cried the captain staring. "I should have
been proud to have been your father, my young hopeful. 'Pon my soul I
should. You are a cool one, you are. You go and run the prettiest little
schooner there is alon
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