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Urteenth of the Book of Job. A sweet tranquillity prevailed while I read
it. Each minute that was spent in this funereal chamber seemed to be
valuable. I made a few observations on the chapter, and connected them
with the case of our departed sister. "I am but a poor soldier," said
our military friend, "and have nothing of this world's goods beyond my
daily subsistence; but I would not exchange my hope of salvation in the
next world for all that this world could bestow without it. What is
wealth without grace? Blessed be God! as I march about from one quarter
to another, I still find the Lord wherever I go; and, thanks be to his
holy name, He is here to-day in the midst of this company of the living
and the dead. I feel that it is good to be here." Some other persons
present began to take a part in our conversation, in the course of which
the life and experience of the Dairyman's daughter were brought forward
in a very interesting manner. Each friend had something to relate in
testimony of her gracious disposition. A young woman under twenty, who
had hitherto been a very light and trifling character, appeared to be
remarkably impressed by the conversation of that day; and I have since
had reason to believe that Divine grace then began to influence her in
the choice of that better part, which shall not be taken from her. What
a contrast does such a scene as this exhibit, when compared with the
dull, formal, unedifying, and often indecent manner in which funeral
parties assemble in the house of death! As we conversed, the parents
revived. Our subject of discourse was delightful to their hearts. Their
child seemed almost to be alive again, while we talked of her. Tearful
smiles often brightened their countenances, as they heard the voice of
friendship uttering their daughter's praises; or rather the praises of
Him who had made her a vessel of mercy, and an instrument o
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