Pirit? Who shall step forth freer than he who goes wit

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Ods or chattels, but they give no such impression of mineness as the
feeling that one's feet rest upon soil that is his: that part of the
deep earth is his with all the water upon it, all small animals that
creep or crawl in the holes of it, all birds or insects that fly in the
air above it, all trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass that grow upon it,
all houses, barns and fences--all, his. As I strode along that afternoon
I fed upon possession. I rolled the sweet morsel of ownership under my
tongue. I seemed to set my feet down more firmly on the good earth. I
straightened my shoulders: _this land was mine_. I picked up a clod of
earth and let it crumble and drop through my fingers: it gave me a
peculiar and poignant feeling of possession. I can understand why the
miser enjoys the very physical contact of his gold. Every sense I
possessed, sight, hearing, smell, touch, led upon the new joy. At one
corner of my upper field the fence crosses an abrupt ravine upon leggy
stilts. My line skirts the slope halfway up. My neighbour owns the crown
of the hill which he has shorn until it resembles the tonsured pate of 
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