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More. But I'll tell you how we could get to hear more about him, I
think, ma'am. From what Miss Griselda says, I believe he is staying at
Mr. Crouch's farm, and that, you know, ma'am, belongs to my Lady
Lavander, though it is a good way from Merrybrow Hall. My lady is pretty
sure to know about the child, for she knows all that goes on among her
tenants, and I remember hearing that a little gentleman and his nurse
had come to Mr. Crouch's to lodge for six months." Miss Grizzel listened
attentively. "Thank you, Dorcas," she said, when the old servant had
left off speaking. "You have behaved with your usual discretion. I shall
drive over to Merrybrow to-morrow, and make inquiry. And you may tell
Miss Griselda in the morning what I purpose doing; but tell her also
that, as a punishment for her rudeness and ill-temper, she must have
breakfast in her own room to-morrow, and not see me till I send for her.
Had she restrained her temper and explained the matter, all this
distress might have been saved." Dorcas did not wait till "to-morrow
morning"; she could not bear to think of Griselda's unhappiness. From
her mistress's room she went straight to the little girl's, going in
very softly, so as not to d
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