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 the rounds in the early morning who spoke to Ensign Darrin and awakened
him. "Is the ship under way?" asked Dave, rolling over and opening his
eyes. "Aye, aye, sir," responded the orderly, who then wheeled and
departed. Dave was quickly out of his berth, and dressed in time to join
the gathering throng of the "Hudson's" officers in the ward-room, where
every officer, except the captain, takes his meals. "Have you heard the
port for which we're bound, Danny?" Darrin asked his chum. "Not a word,"
replied Dalzell, shaking his head. "Perhaps we shall find out at
breakfast," commented Dave. A minute later the signal came for the
officers to seat themselves. Then, after orders had been given to the
attentive Filipino boys, who served as mess attendants, a buzz of
conversation ran around the table. Soon the heavy, booming voice of
Lieutenant Commander Metson was heard as he asked Commander Dawson, the
executive officer: "Sir, are we privileged to ask our port of
destination?" This is a question often put to the executive officer of a
war vessel, for ninety-nine times out of a hundred he knows the answer.
He _may_ smile and reply: "I do not know." Sometimes the executive
officer, who is the captain's confidential man, has good reasons for not
divulging the destination of the ship. In that case his denial of
knowledge is understood to be only a courteous statement that he does
not deem it discreet to name the port of destination. But in this
instance Commander Dawson smiled and replied: "I will not make any
secret of our destination so far as I know it. We are bound for some
port on the Riviera. It may be Nice, or perhaps Monte Carlo. I am
informed that the admiral has not yet decided definitely. I shall be
quite ready to tell you, Mr. Metson, as soon as I know." "Thank you,
sir," courteously acknowledged the lieutenant commander. During this
interval the buzz of conversation had died down. It soon began again.
"The Riviera!" exclaimed Ensign Dalzell jubilantly, though in a low tone
intended mainly for his chum's ear. "I have always wanted to see that
busy little strip of beach." The Riviera, as will be seen by reference
to a map of Southern Europe, is a narrow strip of land, between the
mountains and the sea, running around the Gulf of 
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