to the bedroom staff of any house in which he happened to be staying. No on

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Ess of Bobby's boots had had disastrous effect on his temper the whole
of the afternoon, and altogether the children could not have been said
to have enjoyed themselves. The aunt maintained the frozen muteness of
one who has suffered undignified and unmerited detention in a rain-
water tank for thirty-five minutes. As for Nicholas, he, too, was
silent, in the absorption of one who has much to think about; it was
just possible, he considered, that the huntsman would escape with his
hounds while the wolves feasted on the stricken stag. FUR "You look
worried, dear," said Eleanor. "I am worried," admitted Suzanne; "not
worried exactly, but anxious. You see, my birthday happens next week--"
"You lucky person," interrupted Eleanor; "my birthday doesn't come till
the end of M
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