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Es are sound and true? When we think of a great man like Lincoln we do
not trouble about the little things--the trivial mistakes he made; we
consider only the big things, the noble things, the true things, he said
and did. But there are lots of little-minded, little-souled people in
the world who have eyes only for the little flaws and none at all for
the big, strong and enduring things in a man's work. I never think of
these critics of Marx without calling to mind an incident I witnessed
two or three years ago at an art exhibition in New York. There was
placed on exhibition a famous Greek marble, a statue of Aphrodite. Many
people went to see it and on several occasions when I saw it I observed
that some people had been enough stirred to place little bunches of
flowers at the feet of the statue as a tender tribute to its beauty. But
one day I was greatly annoyed by the presence of a critical woman who
had discovered a little flaw in the statue, where a bit had been broken
off. She chattered about it like an excited magpie. Poor soul, she had
no eyes for the beauty of the thing, the mystery which shrouded its past
stirred no em
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