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 murdered Allen Grebble, the Mayor of Rye. It appears that Breeds had a
dispute about some property with Thomas Lamb, and learning that he was
about to see a friend off by a ship sailing to France on the night of
March 17th planned his murder. Mr. Lamb, for reasons not stated, changed
his mind, and induced his neighbour Mr. Grebble to take his place. On
returning home and passing the churchyard, Breeds rushed upon him and
mortally wounded him with a knife. The unfortunate man was able to walk
home, but shortly expired while seated in his chair. His servant was
suspected of murdering him, but Breeds's strange conduct soon brought
the crime home to him. He was tried, found guilty, and condemned to
death, and to be hung in chains. The gibbet was set up on a marsh
situated at the west end of the town, now known as "Gibbet Marsh." Here
it stood for many years; but when all the mortal remains had dropped
away from the ironwork with the exception of the upper part of the
skull, the Corporation took possession of it, and it is now in their
custody. Mr. Lewis Evans, has given, in his article on "Witchcraft in
Hertfordshire," an account of the murder of John and Ruth Osborn,
suspected of witchcraft. Notice had been given at various market towns
in the neighbourhood of Tring that on a certain day the man and his wife
would be ducked at Long Marston, in Tring Parish. On the appointed day,
April 22nd, 1757, says Mr. Evans, Ruth Osborn, and her husband John,
sought sanctuary in the church, but the "bigotted and superstitious
rioters," who had assembled in crowds from the whole district round, not
finding their victims, smashed the workhouse windows and half destroyed
it, caught its govern
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