[PATCH] Add AF_INET c/r support

Dan Smith danms at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 1 09:10:07 PDT 2009

OL> Adding a comment about it would clearly show that you thought
OL> about it, and warn others.


OL> Network developers are probably the right audience for this kind
OL> of audit.

Yep, agreed.  I suppose I'll copy netdev on the next round unless
there are more comments...

OL> Relocating the function below generates confusing noise in the
OL> patch.

Yep, and made for a bunch of collisions when changing the UNIX patch
underneath.  Sorry about that.

OL> What about sockets that aren't either TCP_{LISTEN,ESTABLISHED} ?

Yep, I caused it to fail to restart with an unconnected UDP socket.
I've got that fixed up now.


Dan Smith
IBM Linux Technology Center
email: danms at us.ibm.com

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