Using 127.n.x.x/16 for namespace to host

Elwin Stelzer Eliazer stelzere at
Mon Jul 6 15:46:20 PDT 2009


I am using an internal bridge for internal socket communication between the
host and various containers' applications.
This is purely an internal bridge and no external traffic is expected in
I can use a regular private ip address subnet for this, for example a
192.168.x.x/16 for this, and things are working.
But since the applications at the container and host handle external traffic
as well, we are forced to exclude this internal subnet for external use.
Using a 127.n.x.x/16 subnet is preferred, since that is not expected to be
used externally.
But this is requiring kernel code change, since is programmed
for loopback interface 'lo' in host.
Towards this tried changing:
     IFF_LOOPBACK 0x10 // in in.h, changed from 0x8 to 0x10
     ifa->ifa_prefixlen = 16; // in devinet.c, changed from 8 to 16
And still do not see them connected.

Any suggestions on this will be appreciated.


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