build breaks when checkpoint unimplemented by arch

Nathan Lynch ntl at
Mon Jul 6 23:22:28 PDT 2009

Oren Laadan <orenl at> writes:
> That's what I tried initially, but the problem is that sigset_t may
> be defined differently for userspace - see /usr/include/asm/sigset_t.h.
> In fact, for x86_32, it it is different, defined as 'unsigned long' 
> (and NSIG defined as 32, so only 32 bits).

I noticed this, but I figured only the kernel definition was salient.
Apart from debugging checkpoint/restart, why would userspace need the
definition of struct ckpt_hdr_sigset?

For that matter, why would userspace need the definitions of most of the
structures in checkpoint_hdr.h?  (Again, debugging purposes don't count:
ckptinfo or similar developer utilities can be included with the

> Moreover, if you include <asm/sigset.h> in checkpoint_hdr.h, which is
> also included by userspace, you get lots of compilations warnings,
> because of other stuff included from the kernel's asm/sigset.h that
> isn't supposed to be included by userspace.

Can you provide examples of such warnings?  Are you building against
"sanitized" kernel headers (make headers_install) or using them in

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