[RFC][PATCH] flexible array implementation v4

Li Zefan lizf at cn.fujitsu.com
Thu Jul 23 20:02:28 PDT 2009

Dave Hansen wrote:
> Remaining issues:
> - How should we deal with out-of-range indexes, especially
>   in flex_array_get() which returns void*?  ERR_PTR()?
>   BUG_ON()?  return NULL (current behavior)?
> - Should care be taken not to allow a flex_array_get() to
>   an index where no flex_array_put() was done?
> - Should we decay further than just packing things into the
>   'base' page?  Should we actually kmalloc() less than a
>   page at times when it will fit?

I sugguest find some candidate users and see how this flex_array
fits them.

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