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Thu Jul 23 16:47:46 PDT 2009

process uses a large amount of memory, so it can be considered as 
the bandwidth of logging process is used due to the buggy process.

Please consider the following case. If a thread who requests swap-out
is charged, the thread is charged other threads' I/O.

   (1)                          --------      (2)
   Process A                   |        |     Process B
   mmaps a large area in   --> | memory | <-- tries to allocate a page.
   the memory and writes       |        |
   data to there.               --------     (3)
                                   |         To get a free page,
                                   |         the data written by Proc.A
                                   |         is written out to the disk.
                                   V         The I/O is done by using
                                ---------    Proc.B's bandwidth.
                               |  disk   |   

Thus I think that page owners should be charged against bandwidth.

Ryo Tsuruta

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