[RFC][PATCH 00/11] track files for checkpointability

Cedric Le Goater legoater at free.fr
Wed Mar 11 00:51:45 PDT 2009

>> And if Ingo's requirement is fulfilled, would any C/R patchset be acceptable ?
> Yup, no matter how hideous  :)  Ok not really.
> But the point was that it wasn't Dave not understanding Alexey's
> suggestion, but Greg not understanding Ingo's.  If you think Ingo's
> goal isn't worthwhile or achievable, then argue that (as I am), don't
> keep elaborating on something we all agree will be needed (Alexey's
> suggestion or some other way of doing a true may-be-checkpointed test).

I rather spend my time on enabling things rather than forbid them. 


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