[PATCH 0/6] /proc/pid/checkpointable

Oren Laadan orenl at cs.columbia.edu
Wed Mar 18 02:28:53 PDT 2009

Catching up chronologically, I sent these to the previous version of your
patch - but it's still relevant:



Sukadev Bhattiprolu wrote:
> Started out implementing '/proc/pid/checkpointable' which reports 0 or 1
> depending on whether a process is checkpointable atm. But realized that
> some patches that were discussed earlier are missing from Dave Hansen's
> tree.
> This patchset includes those missing patches plus two new patches that
> create /proc/pid/checkpointable.
>         [PATCH 1/6] Checkpoint multiple processes
>         [PATCH 2/6] Restart multiple processes
>         [PATCH 3/6] Check 'may_checkpoint()' early
>         [PATCH 4/6] Deny external checkpoint unless task is frozen
>         [PATCH 5/6] Define and use proc_pid_checkpointable()
>         [PATCH 6/6] Explain reason for task being uncheckpointable

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