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but the commonality between each experience was- it was out of my hands. i occasionally fell in love with someone who couldn't be had. i occasionally had to run from someone who wouldn't let me go.
i think they are so cute. i love her litte handwriting. and she is beyond excited to pass them out. some other projects she and i looked at but didn't get around to (of course) from martha (of course):
and i cheat, like, alot. well, usually i ease up on weekends. but i feel so crappy and bloated again that i can't wait to start eating right on monday but i have kind of had to tell myself, this is just the new lifestyle. and if i want to indulge every now and again i'm going to. cause i'd rather die than not be able to have some chips and guac or a slice of cake every now and again. so if i eat like this 90% of the time then i've noticed that my body or the scale doesn't mind if i wander in my choices a bit the other 10%. exercising everyday helps with this, too. i feel like it's a great trade off- feeling great and a regular period for a little self control.

all kits are shipped. phew.
i really really need my bedroom to be simple and uncluttered and white. for calming purposes. you know what i mean?

goal: peaceful nights, productive days
from anthro

she didn't want to print off her name- signing was a must. tui
guess what i finally put in the shop?

feeling so inspired
all the sudden i'm 30. i thought i'd be driving a mini van full of kids and happily decorating my own home. but life has shown me again that i am not in control. and as i wait for more children and a sense of being settled, 

women who have these hormonal issues typically carry alot of weight around the middle (due to the out of control insulin and resultant too high of testosterone) and a high protein and fiber diet combined with low carbs really helps with that. an added benefit is that these types of foods are so filling, and you avoid the highs and crashes that people with blood sugar problems live by.
and then, suddenly and to my surprise, i met and married the man i had no idea i was dreaming of. but he was perfect for me. and better than anything i had imagined or sought after before.

i went to the fabric store tonight in search of prints to make some new spring scarves with. some will probably end up in the shop, too. i just love this look. also, i love toast (the catalog and the cooked bread).
it makes me too happy. drawers full of yarn, too. glorious.

cate: (incredulously) what? were you a child of adam and eve?
and that made me think of all the insomniatic nights that she stayed up with me and mirrored my every move and snuggled me right out of my anxiety into dreamland, long after grant and cate had drifted off.

you love him too, right? 
ready to share the love.

cate and i went through some of the free options around the web for valentine's to download and print. 
i spent a few years calming down my teen angst and attempting to grow up. i loved san luis obispo. i was ready to chill there for good. 

cate: did you love disney games on the computer when you were five?
this week i am getting all my ducks in a row so that this weekend i can hole up and sew myself some desperately needed skirts for church and summer. 

i am determined!
grant and i talked last fall about wanting to take control and own a home and make some of our dreams a reality. so we planned to move back to california for some opportunities there. 

just a phone call one night. she had an aneurysm. and although this was a surprise of the worst kind, it was the most spiritual time of my life. much good and understanding has come through that loss.
the girl loves a project. i mean LOVES. it was like so fun to her to print them off, plan how she wanted to present them, go to the store for candy, sign, and put them together. she just bossed me around and made sure i tied the string right. 

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