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me: um, we didn't have disney games when i was five.
one more thought about best friends...
and that made me think of all the insomniatic nights that she stayed up with me and mirrored my every move and snuggled me right out of my anxiety into dreamland, long after grant and cate had drifted off.

i went to the fabric store tonight in search of prints to make some new spring scarves with. some will probably end up in the shop, too. i just love this look. also, i love toast (the catalog and the cooked bread).
cate: (incredulously) what? were you a child of adam and eve?

different boyfriends came and went through all this, some i thought i could marry, some i was mad at myself for hanging around, some that broke my heart. 
i had a really tumultuous teenager-hood. i was a happy and smart little kid, it was surprising when so much angst welled up inside me. 

i'm just obsessed with him.  awe
feeling so inspired

isn't life surprising? i was laying awake thinking last night about how different my life has gone then what i thought (in a good way). 
they make me happy.

she didn't want to print off her name- signing was a must.
ten months after we were married i was a stay at home mom, living the student life again while grant went back to school. a few months later, another unplanned event- my mom passed away suddenly. 

this week i am getting all my ducks in a row so that this weekend i can hole up and sew myself some desperately needed skirts for church and summer. 
grant and i talked last fall about wanting to take control and own a home and make some of our dreams a reality. so we planned to move back to california for some opportunities there. 

if you eat like this, people will give you crap because it's so not trendy anymore. but if it will help a woman who would do anything to ovulate and conceive do that (and i know personally quite a few that this was the key for), then who cares what anyone says. and jennifer aniston doesn't eat carbs so there.
say hi to gilbert and the kids. with love, k.m.

the girl loves chocolate milk.
i got a lot emails about what i eat and how it effects pcos- so i hope you don't mind if i just answer all the questions here, instead of going through each email.

cause that would make me happy. is this MOLLO
i think they are so cute. i love her litte handwriting. and she is beyond excited to pass them out. some other projects she and i looked at but didn't get around to (of course) from martha (of course):

one of my resolutions for 2009 was to stop ignoring the etsy shop and to not spin my wheels all day. (these two problems are very related). i am the queen of walking in circles around the house and not really getting anything accomplished. i wouldn't care except for that it drives me nuts! part of the problem is my insomniatic nights which leave me only half there during the day times ( which then leads to high caffeine consumption). so i decided step one is to get good nights' sleeps. i am trying to change my night time routine to a peaceful, herbal tea, quiet inspiration seeking few hours. it helps if i keep our room clean and the sheets freshly washed and calming. reading more- tv less- at night is a goal. then hopefully my days will be a little more with it. because i hate wasting time!
and then i found myself a mother. funny, i thought i'd teach awhile longer and have grant all to myself and save some money. 

i spent a few years calming down my teen angst and attempting to grow up. i loved san luis obispo. i was ready to chill there for good. 
remember when the weather was warm and we would go to the park when daddy got home from work? and we would bring homemade bread and fruit to eat for dinner? and we would be drenched in golden light? and the cousins would come meet us for some wild rides down the slide? 

one thing i enjoy about facebook is the old pictures that friends and fam upload to walk down memory lane together with you. 
what do you look for in a best friend?

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