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Nothing to the Metopes of the Parthenon. Retrace your steps as much as
you like from the Palace of Versailles to the Castle of Heidelberg. From
the Castle of Heidelberg to the Notre Dame of Paris. From the Notre Dame
to the Alhambra. From the Alhambra to St. Sophia. From St. Sophia to the
Coliseum. From the Coliseum to the Propyleans. You may recede with ages,
you do not recede in art. The Pyramids and the Iliad stand on a fore
plan. Masterpieces have the same level--the Absolute. Once the Absolute
is reached, all is reached." And Schopenhauer says, "Only true works of
art have eternal youth and enduring power like nature and life
themselves. For they belong to no age, but to humanity--they cannot grow
old, but appear to us ever fresh and new, down to the latest ages." Let
us disclaim then any such word as Modern in relation to art,
particularly in relation to a philosophy which has to do with the
principle and essence of art. Is a Philosophy of Art possible? There
must be some who will think it is impossible. Have we a philosophy that
explains such an apparently simple thing as how one knows anything--or
of simple consciousness? Every philosopher that has attempted to explain
consciousness or how we know, takes refuge in assumptions. At any
Philosophical Society, if you ask for the explanation of simple
Consciousness, the avalanche of answers, each differing from the other,
will bewilder you. We know the outward appearance of an object, of which
we say that we know it, but what is it _in itself_? Of that we are as
much in the dark as we are of the mind that knows. We say, each of us--I
know, but in philosophy we are not clear whether there is a thing that
knows. We know we are conscious, but we know nothing but that bare fact.
We do not know how an object swims into our consciousness. We do not
know in the scientific meaning of knowledge, how we come to know any
object. Our abysmal ignorance is this, that, of the thing known, and of
that which knows
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