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H the paste, and lay down pretending to be very ill. And when the otter
and the monkey came and made to kill him, he said: "See to what a
pitiful plight I am reduced! As a punishment for having deceived you, my
whole body is now covered with boils, and I am on the point of death.
There is no need for you to kill me. Go away! I am dying fast enough."
The monkey looked, and saw that the fox seemed to be speaking the truth.
So he went testily away, across the sea to Japan. That is the reason why
there are no monkeys in the land of the Ainos.--(Written down from
memory. Told by Ishanashte, 11th July, 1886.) xiv.--_The Fox and the
Tiger._--(No. I.) Said the tiger to the fox: "Let us run a race from the
top of the world to the bottom of the world, and he who wins it shall be
lord of the world!" The fox agreed, and off the tiger bounded, but
without noticing that the fox had caught hold of his tail so as to get
pulled along by him. Just as the tiger was about to reach the other end,
he suddenly whisked round, in order to jeer at the fox, whom he believed
to be far behind. But this m
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