ld than I am." "Wh

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Hen either one of two things happens to you: Either he begins to think
you are too small for him and he turns around and buys goods from some
other sucker, y'understand, _oder_ he goes to work and throws away his
money left and right on oitermobiles _oder_ fiddles, and sooner or later
he busts up on you; and that's the way it goes." "You shouldn't worry
yourself, Kleiman," Morris cried, turning around in his chair. "Felix
Geigermann ain't going to fail just yet a while." "Me worry?" Kleiman
retorted. "For my part, Felix Geigermann could fail to-morrow yet; he
don't owe me one cent, nor never would. I ain't looking to sell no goods
to fiddlers, Perlmutter. I am dealing only with merchants."
"Furthermore," Morris went on, "if Felix Geigermann hears it you are
making a break like this--that he's going to fail yet, and all sorts of
crooks you are calling him, Kleiman--he would sue you in the courts for
a hundred thousand dollars yet. From a big mouth a feller could get
himself into a whole lot of trouble." Kleiman scrambled hastily to his
feet and seized his hat. "What are you talking nonsense, Perlmutter?" he
exclaimed. "I ain't said nothing out of the way about Geigermann. You
are the one what's putting the words into my mouth already. Did you ever
hear anything like it!--I am saying Geigermann is going to fail? An
idee! I never said nothing of the kind. All I am saying is what is right
here in the paper, black on white; and if you don't believe me you could
read it for yourself." He handed the paper to Morris; and, as the latter
commenced to read over the Geigermann parag
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