[PATCH 1/3] Make sockets proper objhash objects and use checkpoint_obj() on them (v2)

Oren Laadan orenl at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Sep 3 07:46:00 PDT 2009

On Thu, 3 Sep 2009, Dan Smith wrote:

> SH> I'm sure I sound like an idiot, but... at restore, a socket will
> SH> be created for sk now.  Is that a problem?  I don't see where
> SH> sk_free() will cause that sock to be freed, and you are not
> SH> attaching it do a file whose close would cause it to be
> SH> released...
> In the regular socket code, the reference that is taken during
> allocation is assumed to be for the owning object (the file).  So,
> they don't take another ref when they actually attach it to a file.
> The objhash assumes that for all objects on restore, the allocation
> routine for the object has already incremented the reference count for
> it as the owner.  If you look at restore_obj() it drops the ref count
> right after stuffing the object in the hash because the act of
> insertion grabs a reference.  On checkpoint, this is the reference for
> the hash.  On restore, it would be redundant because it is the first
> owner (not a file, etc).
> My code takes *another* reference when it attaches to a file, if
> appropriate.  In the case of the adopted socket, only the objhash
> holds a reference to it, so unless it was joined to a peer, it will be
> freed when the objhash does its final obj_ref_drop() at tear-down
> time.

Hmm... one little detail is missing: if this is a dead socket,
then the reason we checkpoint it is either:

1) because it is a peer of some other socket: on restart we will
'join' them and bump the reference. This reference will be removed
when the other socket is closed - and the (dead) sk will be freed.

2) because it is the source of an skb sent to another socket. The
unix socket code will take an extra reference to the (dead) sk
in the skb that is placed in the other socket's receive queue. 
This reference will be dropped when the skb is consumed and the
(dead) sk will be freed.

(In both cases, the extra reference keeps the dead sk around after
the objhash is cleaned up).


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