T Jack remembered him; he was "Mr Macki

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Cienda Montijo, and although the road was abominable, and the heat
intense, Jack declared that he had never so thoroughly enjoyed a drive
in his life. For the country was somewhat rugged, and the scenery
therefore very lovely, the road being bordered on either side by fields
of tobacco and sugar, and here and there a patch of cool green Indian
corn, divided from the road by low hedges which were just then a perfect
blaze of multi-coloured flowers of various descriptions. It was a fairly
busy scene, too, for the tobacco was ripe, and the fields were alive
with labourers of all colours, from the full-blooded negro to the pure
Spaniard, gathering the crop. At length, when they had been travelling
for about a couple of hours, and when, despite the charm of everything
that he saw around him, Jack began to grow conscious of the fact that he
was aching in every joint from the rolling and jolting of the carriage,
the vehicle turned off the main road i
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