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Ady present, standing by his desk. Darrin saluted the lieutenant as soon
as he had halted the section. "Sir, I report all members of the section
present." Five of the midshipmen were directed by Lieutenant Bradshaw to
go to their seats. The rest were ordered to blackboards, Dave and Dan
among the latter number. Those at the blackboards were each given a
problem to lay out on the blackboard. Then the instructor turned to the
fourth class men who remained in their seats. These he questioned, in
turn, on various aspects of the day's lesson. All the time the
midshipmen at the blackboard worked busily away, each blocking out phase
after phase of his problem. Dave Darrin was first to finish. He turned
his back to the board, taking the position of parade rest. Dan was third
to finish. "Mr. Darrin, you may explain your work," announced Lieutenant
Bradshaw. This Dave did, slowly, carefully, though without painful
hesitation. When he had finished the instructor asked him several
questions about the problem, and about some other phases of the day's
work. Darrin did not jump at any of his answers, but made them
thoughtfully. "Very good, indeed, Mr. Darrin," commented the instructor.
"But, when you are more accustomed to reciting here, I shall hope for a
little more speed in answering." As Dave was returning to his seat
Lieutenant Bradshaw marked him 3.8 per cent on the day's work. That was
an excellent marking, 4 being the highest. The lowest average in a study
which a midshipman may have, and hold his place in the Naval Academy, is
2.5. Anything below 2.5 is unsatisfactory, which, in midshipman parlance
is "unsat." Taking 4 to represent 100 per cent., 2.5 stands for 62.5 per
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