Cgroups RT scheduling

Rolando Martins rolando.martins at
Wed Sep 9 08:49:52 PDT 2009


I would like to confirm the following:
cpuset.sched_load_balance doesn't work with RT, right?
You cannot have tasks for sub-domain 2 to utilize bandwidth of
sub-domain 3, right?

                             /        \
                            2         3
                      (50% rt)  (50% rt )

For my application domain;) it would be interesting to have
rt_runtime_ns as a min. of allocated rt and not a max.
Ex. If an application of domain 2 needs to go up to 100% and domain 3
is idle, then it would be cool to let it utilize the full bandwidth.
(we also could have a hard upper limit in each sub-domain, like
hard_up=0.8, i.e. even if we could get 100%, we will only utilize

Rolando Martins

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