[PATCH 1/3] Make sockets proper objhash objects and use checkpoint_obj() on them (v2)

Oren Laadan orenl at librato.com
Wed Sep 9 16:02:13 PDT 2009

Dan Smith wrote:
> This changes the checkpoint/restart procedure for sockets a bit.  The
> socket file header is now checkpointed separately from the socket itself,
> which allows us to checkpoint a socket without arriving at it from a
> file descriptor.  Thus, most sockets will be checkpointed as a result
> of processing the file table, calling sock_file_checkpoint(fd), which
> in turn calls checkpoint_obj(socket).
> However, we may arrive at some sockets while checkpointing other objects,
> such as the other end of an AF_UNIX socket with buffers in flight.  This
> patch just opens that door, which is utilized by the next patch.
> Changes in v2:
>  - If we attempt to checkpoint an orphan socket, create a struct socket
>    to adopt it for the purposes of the checkpoint
> Signed-off-by: Dan Smith <danms at us.ibm.com>

Looks good !

Did you also address this ?

SH> Yes.  On the struct sock.  But what will drop the ref on the
SH> struct socket?  Or has one of your later patches, not yet in
SH> ckpt-v17-dev, added that?  Or, am I just missing a place where
SH> sock_put() will actually sock_release(sk->sk_socket)?

Hmm, I see what you mean.  I can't find any path where sock_put() will
release the struct socket.  What's weird is that there is a WARN_ON()
in af_unix.c:354 that should get tripped if we call sk_free() when we
still have a socket.  I don't see that, but now I'm not sure why.

Perhaps what we should do is orphan the struct sock before we add it
to the hash and then graft it onto a new struct socket before
attaching it to a struct file?

[The reason sk_free() expects no sk_socket is because the socket at
this point must have been released already via proto_ops->release().
The callback is assumed to orphan the socket].


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