[PATCH 00/80] Kernel based checkpoint/restart [v18]

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at free.fr
Wed Sep 30 09:16:55 PDT 2009

Dan Smith wrote:
> DL> Ok for the restart, but for the checkpoint, how do you access the
> DL> network setup from a process which belongs to another namespace
> DL> context ?
> So far the discussion has led to the kernel dumping all of that
> information on checkpoint, and then splitting it up into what can be
> done by userspace on restart and what still needs to be in the kernel.
Ah, this was a discussion in the containers@ mailing list ?
Sorry I missed it, I will look at the containers@ archives.

If the checkpoint is done from the kernel, why the restart wouldn't be 
in the kernel too ?
Do you have a list of what is restartable from userspace or from the 
kernel ?

Is there any documentation about the statefile format I can use if I 
want to implement myself an userspace CR solution based on this kernel 
patchset ?
> Similarly, the task structure is currently exported by the kernel on
> checkpoint, but recreated in userspace on restart.
(I guess you meant tasks hierarchy/tree) Well I understand why this is 
done from userspace but I don't like the idea of digging in the 
statefile, but there's no accounting for taste :)

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