ckpt-v20-dev, ckpt-v21-rc1

Nathan Lynch ntl at
Thu Apr 1 11:09:36 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-04-01 at 09:17 -0500, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> Alas after I sent this Nathan reported trouble on x86.  I haven't
> gotten a x86-32 partition running yet so can't reproduce.  Does
> anyone else have x86-32 with f12 they can test on?

More detail on this.  Seeing programs crash after restart on an i386 KVM
guest with Fedora 12 userspace, e.g.[3627] general protection ip:b76d8197 sp:bfe73904 error:0

kernel: ckpt-v21-rc1 (v2.6.33-108-g9f4401c)

user-cr: ckpt-v20 ( 70a5c7630ce8dd933e60174aba6dc5cb08ea4b41) with
CHECKPOINT_NONETNS flag added to checkpoint calls

cr_tests: master (7bd883e17f25d36d66f9b550194c445df2f63e7e) with
CHECKPOINT_NONETNS flag added to simple/ckpt.c.

The "simple" (self-checkpoint) testcase restarts successfully without
crashing.  Everything else seems to get crashes as above.  As far as I
can tell the memory map is restored correctly and from the kernel's POV
the restart is successful.

FWIW, I don't see these crashes on another KVM guest where the only
difference is that it is x86_64.

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