's Ridge beyond it. It was

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 and from this night on he associated Breault as a necessary agent in
his search for them. And with Breault he went, instinctively guessing
the truth. The next
day they found where Nada and McKay had abandoned
the canoe, and had struck south through the wilderness. This pleased
Breault, who was tired of his poling. This third night there was a new
moon, and something about
it stirred in Peter an impulse to run ahead and overtake those he was
seeking. But a still strong
instinct held him to Breault. Tonight Breault slept like a dead man on
his cedar boughs.
He was up and had a fire built an hour before dawn, and with the first
gray streaking of day was on the trail again. He made no further
to follow
signs of the pursued, for that was a hopeless task. But he knew how
McKay was heading, and he traveled swiftly, figuring to cover twice
the distance that Nada might travel in the same given time. It was
three o'clock in the afternoon when he came to a great ridge, and on
its highest pinnacle he stopped. Peter had grown restless again, and a
little more suspicious of Breault.
He was not afraid of him,
but all that day he had found no scent of Nada or Jolly Roger, and
slowly the conviction was impinging itself upon him that he should
seek for himself
in the wilde
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