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Ed as a very different species. [Illustration] [204] RANUNCULUS
POLYGYNIA. _Generic Character._ _Cal._ 5-phyllus. _Petala_ 5-intra
ungues poro mellifero. _Sem._ nuda. _Specific Character and Synonyms._
RANUNCULUS _aconitifolius_

foliis omnibus quinatis lanceolatis inciso-serratis. _Linn. Syst.
Vegetab. ed. 14.
Murr. p. 516._ _Ait. Kew. v. 1. p. 267._ RANUNCULUS folio
aconiti, flore albo multiplici. _Bauh. Pin. 179._ RANUNCULUS montanus
albus flore pleno. The double white mountain Crowfoot. _Park. Parad. p.
219. f. 9._ Double white Bachelors Buttons. _Ger. Herb. p. 812. f. 1._
This is one of those plants which derives its beauty from the
multiplication of its
petals; in its single state no one would think it deserving
of culture as an ornamental plant: when double, few plants come in for a
greater share of admiration.
It is a native of the Alps of Europe, and flowers in May and June. Was
very generally cultivated in our gardens in the times of
GERARD and PARKINSON. Like most alpine plants, it requires a pure air,
and succeeds best in a situation moderately
moist and shady; is a hardy

perennial, and may be increased

by parting its roots in autumn. In all seasons, with us, its foliage,
as well as

that of most other Crowfoots, is liable to be disfigured, and sometimes
nearly destroyed, by a very small maggot which feeds betwixt, the coats
of the leaf, and which ultimately produces a small fly, called by us
_Musca Ranunculi_. [205] ANTIRRHINUM ALPINUM. ALPINE TOAD-FLAX. _Class
and Order._ DIDYNAMIA ANGIOSPERMIA. _Generic Character._ _Cal._
5-phyllus. _Cor._ basis deorsum prominens, nectarifera. _Caps._
2-locularis. _Specific Character
and Synonyms._ ANTIRRHINUM _alpinum_ foliis quaternis
lineari-lanceolatis glaucis, caule diffuso, floribus racemosis, calcari
recto. _Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed.
14. Murr. p. 556._ _Ait. Hort. Kew. v. 2. p 335._ _Jacq. Fl. Austr. v.
1. t. 58._ ANTIRRHINUM caule procumbente breviter spicato, foliis
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