H, and Dante in Italian, find in Mr. Lowell a penetrating and helpful critic. Hi

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St cases it leaves a stain and also that the fibres of the paper are
more or less destroyed by the chemical used; thus always leaving
evidence that the document has been

tampered with. George E. Fell in his excellent paper says: "The eye of
the individual making
the erasures is certainly not sufficient, and even with the aid of a
hand magnifier, the object might not be effectually accomplished. We
will find that the detection of
an erasure made by the knife is a very simple matter

and may be detected by the novice. An investigation may be made
by simply holding the document before a strong light and this is
all that is necessary to demonstrate the existence
of an erasure of any consequence. "This is, however, a very different
matter from making out the outlines
of a word or detecting the general arrangement of the fibres of the
paper, so as to be able to state whether writing has been executed on
certain parts of the document; and again, when we enter into the
minutiae of the subject, we will find that the compound microscope
will give us results
not to be obtained by the simple hand magnifier." On several occasions
I have had the opportunity for demonstrating with the microscope
additions made to certain documents, two of which were wills
(testaments); these additions were made in the following
manner:--First an erasure was
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