[PATCH 3/4] Add IPv6 address checkpoint handler

Brian Haley brian.haley at hp.com
Thu Apr 15 13:32:08 PDT 2010

Dan Smith wrote:
> BH> Is using IFA_F_PERMANENT correct here?  Should you save the flags
> BH> from the address when checkpointing?  Permanent means it was added
> BH> by the user, not by the kernel, so you could be changing things
> BH> slightly.
> Does the kernel create global scope addresses?  Maybe it does in some
> more advanced IPv6 environments, but it seemed like excluding global
> scope addresses in checkpoint meant that we only saved (and thus
> restore) the permanent ones anyway.

It adds global-scope addresses through the auto-configuration process,
i.e. by receiving a prefix in a router advertisement.

> I guess it's a better idea to just save the flags anyhow now that I
> have a way to restore them.

Yes, and I just realized something else.  This code:

+	ret = inet6_addr_add(net, dev->ifindex, &addr->inet6_addr,
+			     addr->inet6_prefix_len, IFA_F_PERMANENT,

isn't using the saved lifetimes either, so it won't ever go away.

And calling inet6_addr_add() isn't correct in all cases - you can
use it for manually-configured addresses (marked permanent), but
not for those added through address-autoconfiguration - for those
you'll want to use ipv6_add_addr().  But if you do that you'll
need to duplicate what's done after the add succeeds:

	ifp = ipv6_add_addr(idev, pfx, plen, addr_scope, addr_flags);

        if (!IS_ERR(ifp)) {
                ifp->valid_lft = valid_lft;
                ifp->prefered_lft = prefered_lft;
                ifp->tstamp = jiffies;

                addrconf_prefix_route(&ifp->addr, ifp->prefix_len, dev,
                                      expires, flags);
                 * Note that section 3.1 of RFC 4429 indicates
                 * that the Optimistic flag should not be set for
                 * manually configured addresses
                addrconf_dad_start(ifp, 0);
                return 0;

That's just an example, not exactly correct.


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