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Ugene Marie d'Ardeche, who had forsaken Boston a year or more ago on
receiving word of the death of an aunt who had left him such property
as she possessed. I fancy this windfall surprised him not a little, for
the relations between the aunt and nephew
had never been cordial, judging from Eugene's remarks touching the
lady, who was, it seems, a more or less wicked and witch-like

old person, with a penchant for black magic, at least such was the

report. Why she should leave all her property to d'Ardeche,

no one could tell, unless it was that she felt his rather hobbledehoy
tendencies towards Buddhism and occultism might

some day lead him to her own unhallowed height of questionable
illumination. To be sure d'Ardeche reviled her as a bad old woman,
being himself in that

state of enthusiastic

exaltation which sometimes accompanies a boyish fancy for occultism;
but in spite of his distant and repellent attitude, Mlle. Blaye de
Tartas made him her sole heir, to
the violent wrath of a questionable old party
known to infamy as the Sar Torrevieja, the "King of the Sorcerers."
This malevolent old portent, whose gray and crafty face was often seen
in the Rue M.
le Prince during the life of Mlle.

de Tartas had, it seems, fully expected to enjoy her small wealth after
her death; and when it appeared that she had left him only the contents
of the gloomy old house in
the Quartier Latin, giving the house itself and all
else of which she died possessed
to her nephew
in America, the
Sar proceeded to remove everything from the
place, and then to curse it elaborately and comprehensively,

together with all those who should ever dwell therein. Whereupon he
disappeared. This final episode was
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