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St was usually very exciting. Whoever had his earthen disk demolished
had to retire from the

field. The party having the greatest number of broken

disks, indicative of cloven skulls, were

declared the losers. This game has been forbidden by the Government
as being too severe and cruel. Boys were often injured in it. There
are many other games which we simply mention without describing.
There are three games
played by the hands, which every observant foreigner long resident
in Japan must have seen played, as men and women seem to enjoy them
as much as children. In the Stone game, a stone, a pair of scissors,
a wrapping-cloth are represented. The stone signifies the clenched
fist, the parted fore and middle fingers the scissors, and the curved
forefinger and

thumb the cloth. The scissors can cut the cloth, but not the
stone, but the cloth can
wrap the stone. The two players sit opposite each other at play,

out their hands so as to represent either of the three things, and
win, lose,

or draw, as the case may be.
In the Fox game, the fox, man, and gun are the figures. The gun kills
the fox, but the fox deceives the man, and the gun is useless
without the man. In
the third game, five or six boys represent the various grades of
rank, from the peasant up
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