Checkpoint and Restart of INET routing information

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at
Wed Apr 28 07:24:44 PDT 2010

Dan Smith wrote:
> This set extends the existing network socket, device, and namespace support
> in the checkpoint tree to cover routing information.  It does so by making
> heavy use of RTNETLINK to dump and insert routes much like userspace would.
> Because the task doing the checkpointing or restarting needs to examine
> or setup resources for tasks in network namespaces other than its own, an
> additional kernel socket setup call is added.  It provides us the ability
> to talk to RTNETLINK in a foreign netns.
> The support added in this set allows me to configure various inet4 and inet6
> routes in a container and have them saved and restored successfully during
> a checkpoint/restart process.

Why do you need to do that from the kernel ? Same remark for ipv4/6 
What prevents you to do 'ip route show'  and use these informations to 
restore the routes later ?
Will we end up by moving all the network userspace tools in the kernel ? :)

If you use the Eric's setns patchset, you will be able to do that easily 
from userspace, no ?

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