[C/R ARM v2][PATCH 0/3] Linux Checkpoint-Restart - ARM port

Christoffer Dall christofferdall at christofferdall.dk
Mon Apr 26 14:43:40 PDT 2010

Following there will be two preparatory patches for an ARM port of the
checkpoint-restart code and finally a third patch implementing the
architecture-specific parts of c/r.

The preparatory patches consist of a partial syscall trace implementation
for ARM and an eclone implementation for ARM. The syscall trace
implementation provides only the needed functionality for c/r.

There is a separate patch for the user space code, which supports
cross-compilation, extracting headers for ARM and an eclone implementation
for ARM.

The kernel patches presented here are based on the ckpt-v21-rc6 patch set.



[2010-Apr-08] v2:
	- Systrace implementation now inspects process state to get the
	  system call number thereby avoiding extra work on system calls.
	- Removed __user attribute on long type in eclone implementation
	- Better check for architecture versions across C/R
	- Improved checking of user space ABI settings across C/R
	- Code simplifications

[2010-Mar-22] v1:
	- Initial version
	- Systrace implementation modified the system call entry path to
	  store the system call number globally in memory.
	- ARM implementation lightly tested

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