Ls of Utopia rising in the future, Plato defined the boundaries of the ideal

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Of the character of Christ? Some of them lie on the surface of the
story. He never doubted God, or, if so, but for a single moment;
He was unselfish;
He lived to love and to express love; He had some mysterious
preternatural power over nature--such, perhaps, as science is
approaching in later times; kindness, sympathy,

helpfulness, purity, shone from His words and
actions. He declared that
the privilege of dying to save those who despised Him was a joy. He
lived in the limitations of the human condition and, therefore, on the
earth only hints
of "His fullness" are discernible. The full revelation is to be the
endless study of those who are able to see and to appreciate things as
they are. But we may ask ourselves whither
these lines tend. When the
intelligence, the love, the compassion, the mercy, the purity, the

power and spiritual grandeur which only in dim outline are revealed in
the Christ, have perfect manifestations,
what will the vision be? The very thought transcends the farthest
flights of the poet's imagination

and the most daring speculations of philosophers. In
"the fullness of Christ" is the soul's true goal. For that all men, and
not the elect few, were created. That is the revelation of the divine
plan for humanity. Toward that evolution has been slowly, and often
painfully, pressing from those dim aeons when the earth was without
form and void. When man appeared as the flower of all the cosmic
process he started at once toward this goal. And with great
modesty, and

simply because I believe in God
and that His love cannot be defeated, I dare to hope that, sometime and
somehow, after
all the pains of retribution
and moral discipline have done their inevitable work, after
all the fires of Gehenna
have consumed the desire to sin, after Hades and Purgatory have been
passed, the souls which, for
a time, have dwelt in these mortal bodies, purified and without spot or
wrinkle or any such thing,
will be given the beatific vision and permitted to realize the height
and depth, the length and brea

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