[Ksummit-2010-discuss] checkpoint-restart: naked patch

Oren Laadan orenl at cs.columbia.edu
Mon Nov 8 10:14:12 PST 2010


Ok, I'll bite the bullet for now - to be continued...

Just one important clarification:

>> Linux-cr can do live migration - e.g. VDI, move the desktop - in
>> which case skype's sockets' network stacks are reconstructed,
>> transparently to both skype (local apps) and the peer (remote apps).
>> Then, at the destination host and skype continues to work.
> That's a really cool thing to do, and it's definitely not part of what
> DMTCP does.  It might be possible to do userland live migration,
> but it's definitely not part of our current scope.  But if we're talking
> about live migration, have you also looked at the work of
> Andres Lagar Caviilla on SnowFlock?
>      http://andres.lagarcavilla.com/publications/LagarCavillaEurosys09.pdf
> He does live migration of entire virtual machines, again with very
> small delay.  Of course, the issue for any type of live migration is that
> if the rate of dirtying pages is very high (e.g. HPC), then there is
> still a delay or slow response, due to page faults to a remote host.

VMware, Xen and KVM already do live migration. However, VMs
are a separate beast.

We are concerned about _application_ level c/r and migration
(complete containers or individual applications). Many proven
techniques from the VM world apply to our context too (in your
example, post-copy migration).


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