LXC+USER integrated patchset

Sukadev Bhattiprolu sukadev at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Nov 10 11:22:57 PST 2010


I just uploaded a patchset for the lxc tree to sourceforge:


Feel free to use this patchset to test/play with checkpoint/restart :-)

Excerpts from the 'cover-letter' in the patchset:
| These patches apply on top of lxc-0.7.2.
| The patches mainly pull user-cr into the lxc source tree and enable
| building LXC with integrated support for C/R.
| These patches should work with a recent kernel ( 2.6.32 or later) and
| with the ckpt-v22-dev branch of the Linux C/R tree:
| 	git://git.ncl.cs.columbia.edu/pub/git/linux-cr.git
| The FD_NOCHECKPOINT (which is an expermental patch) and NR_eclone should be
| the only changes dependent on kernel changes. The error from
|         fcntl(FD_NOCHECKPOINT)
| is silently ignored for now, so it should not be a problem. But please
| report any problems you encounter :-)


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