regular lxc development call?

Serge E. Hallyn serge at
Mon Nov 29 06:53:31 PST 2010


at UDS-N we had a session on 'fine-tuning containers'.  The focus was
things we can do in the next few months to improve containers.  The
meeting proeedings can be found at

We have a few work items written down at
The list is flexible fwiw, but we thought it might help to have a regular
call, perhaps every other week, to discuss work items, their design,
and their progress.  For some features like reboot/shutdown, I think
design still needs discussion.  For other things, it's more important
that we just discuss who's doing what and what's been done.

Is there interest in having such a call?

I suspect most of the containers work now is purely volunteer driven,
so a free venue seems worthwhile.  Should we do this over skype?  IRC?
Does someone want to set up a conference number?


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