lxc performance?

MALATTAR mouhannad.alattar at univ-fcomte.fr
Wed Oct 6 08:41:45 PDT 2010

  Hi all,
I subscribed in this list recently and i have some questions about lxc 
firstly, let me explain where i am using lxc:
i am using lxc with ns3 in order to simulate adhoc network where i will 
test my IDS(intrusion detection system for adhoc routing protocol).
i create until now only 10 containers with the same configuration (i 
based on the tutorial 
my IDS is written in perl, using mysql dataBase and syslog service in 
order to collect, treating the logs of the simulation and apply the 
detection rules.
In order to have several types of devices(e.g., laptops, PDA and mobile 
telephone) in adhoc network, i need to create the lxc containers with 
different resources limits.
In other words, some of the containers must be powerful where others 
must be supplied with limited resources. Also, i have to test the 
effects of my IDS at the resources
(e.g, memory consumption)
Therefore, i used the next lxc-cgroup commands (recommended by Daniel 
lxc-cgroup -n dora1 memory.usage_in_bytes (to get the current used 
physical memory by the container dora1)
lxc-cgroup -n dora1 cpuacct.usage (to get the cpu sharing)
lxc-cgroup -n dora1 memory.limit_in_bytes 268435456 (to define the 
available memory for the container as 256MB)
Finally, my problem(after the long introduction :-) ):
the container dora1, where i launch an instance of my IDS, does not take 
more than 70 MB as memory even though the memory limit for it is much 
bigger than this value,
as a result the IDS works very slowly (the detection operation, which is 
composed of a simple perl script contacts with 3 tables in the DB, for 2 
minutes of simulation takes more than 1 hour)

Someone has any idea how to give more resources for a container?
Creating several containers with different resources needs special 

NB: lastly i tried to create only one container without connecting it 
with the ns3 simulation, but i still have the same problem.
i am using Ubuntu 10.04 lucid, the lxc system is fedora12

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