several mysql-connections problem

MALATTAR mouhannad.alattar at
Wed Oct 27 08:57:35 PDT 2010

I have several lxc (fedora12) working under Ubuntu 10.10 host.
With one container i can connect to mysql database without any problem.
When i launched simultaneously several containers and tried to connect 
to mysql database from each one of them, mysql service starts is ok
but connecting to the database will not be possible only from one 
container. Trying to connect to mysql from another container will figure 
out the next error:
"Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket 
I think this error happens because the container, which connects to 
mysql, reserves the mysql.sock or other mysql configuration files and 
prevents other nodes to use them!!!!
N.B: the last container starting mysql service is the one that is able 
to connecting to the database

any suggestion to resolve this problem?

Mouhannad AlATTAR
Doctorant à L’UFR Sciences,Techniques et Gestion de l’Industrie
Pôle multimedia de Franche Comté - numerica

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