He muscular brevity of style, the expression being closely modell

Sleiman Marchetta acting at goal.com.hk
Tue Sep 14 10:49:42 PDT 2010

Ched Torp unconsciously sniffing at each photograph as though she
thought smells could be photographed, too. Prudence prompted me to
select this man; he is too ugly to disturb

our peace of mind. On the other hand, as
I had the wisdom
not to pull down the hut in which the former proprietor lived, the
two rooms there will have to do for Mr. Jensen, so that we can keep
him at a little distance. Torp asked if he was to take meals in the
kitchen. Certainly! I have no intention of having him for my opposite
neighbour at table. But, on the whole, he had better have his meals

in his hut, then we shall not be always
smelling him. * * * * * Perhaps we are really descended from dogs,
for the sense of smell can so powerfully infl
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