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Esn't she sit still?" exclaimed Edna, anxiously. "She'll get the boat
wedged fast!" But, by some good luck, one final shove of the oars sent
the light boat through the yielding mud,
and into a little depression beyond, where the water still flowed.
Cricket pulled with all her strength, realizing now the inconvenience

of being stuck fast. There was still another flat, which was fast
uncovering itself, between her and the island, but if she could only get
through that, there was
water enough beyond to float her to the island. That
had a rock foundation, and the water was unexpectedly deep around

it. But, unfortunately, the next mud-flat was too wide to get over it
before the swiftly ebbing tide left it entirely bare, and so there,
five hundred feet of the island, she finally stuck,
immovably. The girls ran down to the edge of the island, waving their
hands, and shouting. "I--guess--I'm--stuck!"
called Cricket, standing up, carefully, and turning around. Fortunately
her voice could just be heard. Euni
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