[PATCH][RFC] v2 exec: move core_pattern pipe helper into the crashing namespace

Andi Kleen andi at firstfloor.org
Mon Sep 20 12:12:14 PDT 2010

> The pipe process needs to run in the namespaces of the process who set
> the core pattern, not in the namespaces of the dumping process.
> Otherwise it is possible to trigger a privileged process to run in a
> context where it's reality that it expected, causing it to misuse
> it's privileges.  Even if we don't have a privilege problem I think
> we will have a case of mismatched functionality where the core pattern
> will not work as expected.

For me it seems rather the other way around: running the helper in some
highly priviledged namespace is more dangerous. If it runs in the 
same context as the crasher it can do the least amount of damage
relative to the crash process.

And as Will pointed out it's the only sane way to deal with net namespaces.


ak at linux.intel.com -- Speaking for myself only.

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