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Ments made before the court are distinct efforts to introduce
modifications of the law which will have a far-reaching effect on the
industrial relations of capital and labor. It is asserted that the
common law, on which American jurisprudence is founded, is known as an
ever-developing law, which must adapt itself to changing economic and
social conditions; and, in this connection,
it is claimed that the established theories of legal
causation must be enlarged to include economic and social factors in the
chain of causes leading to a result. Concretely, it is argued:-- "First,
That, when unsanitary conditions lead to discontent so intense that
the crowd can be incited to bloodshed, those responsible for the
unsanitary conditions are to be held legally responsible for the
bloodshed, as well as the actual inciters of the riot. "Second, That, if
the law will not reach out so far as to hold the creator of unsanitary,
unlivable conditions guilty of bloodshed, at any rate such conditions
excuse the inciters from liability, because inciters are the involuntary
transmitting agents of an uncontrollable force set in motion by those
who created the unlivable conditions. . . . "Furthermore, on the legal
side, modifications

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