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 their fists and scowling darkly, only to be laughing carelessly the
next minute, as if nothing mattered. Dwight was about motioning one
man to fling him up a bunch of figs, in exchange for the silver
coin in his fingers,
when his uncle called them to the other side of the deck, which was
just as well, for it would have had to be a splendid toss and catch
had he secured them. Mr. Lawrence wanted to point out the difference
between a clumsy coast lugger just putting out to sea, and a clean
little clipper-built
English yacht coming
in. He said, "It is a difference that you will see in almost
everything here. The Portuguese do not

know the meaning of the word thrift, as we understand it, and if
cleanliness is not next to godliness with them, it certainly
is next to royalty, for it never descends to the common people."
When, at last, they went on shore and left the wharves behind, most
of the bustle died away, and

they could see that Mr. Lawrence had only
told the truth, in the easy way in which all business seemed to be
managed. But they found much to admire and enjoy in the odd costumes
and people they were constantly meeting; more, as Hope rather
contemptuously remarked, than in the buildings, which were "just like
houses anywhere." She was right enough, for this is largely true on
the seaward side of Lisbon. Her quaintness, and squalor also, lie
further inland, where the old quarters are to be found. "So you don't
think Lisbon has many novelties, Miss Hosmer?" laughed Mr. Lawrence,
who thought there was more fun in the young people than in scenes
that were not
new to him. "Just wait a bit! We are coming to something now."
He led the way into a pleasant enclosure,
or placa, as they call it there, saying carelessly, "Let's cross to
the other side."
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