PROBLEM: LXC Container, CIFS and Kerberos isolation issue

Nicolas Bourbaki ncl.bourbaki at
Fri Feb 4 00:37:26 PST 2011

2011/2/3 Rob Landley <rlandley at>:
> cc:ing the containers list for tracking purposes...

I've created an entry in the' bugzilla #28122 (I forget
that this may have been the proper way to do it). Seem's it more
global than I first thank.

>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [1.] Summary
>> Kerberos credential are taken from the host context when using
>> mount.cifs in an lxc container
> Yeah, not surprised there's more to do there.  I only had one very
> simple test case, and I stopped when I made that work.
> I'm happy to fix it, the question is how do I set up a kerberos
> authentication test case?  (I'm not very experienced at setting up
> samba, I'm more a developer than a sysadmin.)  A quick rummage found:
> Which presumably explains it.  I'll go read that...

If you have any question in setting it, I may try to help, giving you
some of our configuration.



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